The Definiton of Link Building

The Definition of Link Building

Linking building is the art of constructing links to attain better search engine rankings to one’s desired website.There are a few of key elements that one must understand to gain valuable links:

  • PR of the Page One is Linking From
  • The Anchor Text of the Link
  • No-Follow vs Do-Follow Links

High quality linking is not easy, but unfortunately many website owner’s choose the easy path of attaining links. However just like many things in life, valuable high quality links are not easily gained. In most circumstances you will need a professional to build out these links for you so that search engines can rank your website higher on search engine results pages or (SERPs).

PR of the Page One is Linking From           

PR for the sake of this article means “personal rep,” relevance, or authority on the subject. When you link from a page, you want to make sure that a page that you are linking from has a good score out of 100 in accordance with Open Site Open Site Explorer is the search engine for links. If you go to their search engine and plug in any URL or domain name, Open Site Explorer will give that particular website or page a score of 0 to 100. Obviously the higher the score the better the link in regards to search engines favoring the link.

The Anchor Text of the Link

The anchor text of the link simply means which text is embedded into the link itself. For example, many CMS and blogging platforms have a hyperlink symbol in their text editing bar that will allow a user to embed a link into highlighted text.

Here is the recommended format for anchor text linking:

In this example “Car Parts” is the anchor text with the URL embedded into the text.. The anchor text is used to tell search engines more about the link rather than just the link itself. This step is vital as search engines can not read code or pictures on websites. Search engines can only read text..

No-Follow vs Do-Follow Links

Last but not least you will want to make sure that any links that you establish are Do-Follow links rather than No-Follow links. Some website likes eBay, Amazon, and Yelp use No-Follow links which will not pass on any “Link Juice” or relevance to your website. This is a routine step for many larger sites to avoid link spam on their websites.

For more information on this subject and more related info to link building please check out our Blog.


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